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Mind movies have been a recent addition to the arsenal of mind power explorers. Mind movies are a combination of texts, audio and visuals to entrain your mind and making your subconscious mind accept what you want to achieve. Once your subconscious mind becomes certain about a reality it then tries to match your actual reality to the imagined one.

Our subconscious mind cannot differentiate between what is imagined and what is real. This makes it the most innocent and yet extremely powerful resource in our hands if used correctly. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to use the power of their subconscious mind and lead an abundant and fulfilling life. They go through a life of drudgery and emptiness and end up passing on the same thing to their children.

Mind explorers have made tremendous discoveries and development in the field of neuroscience and have come to conclusions that our minds are highly plastic and can be taught new skills and made to believe alternate realities.

How Can I Use Mind Movies To Improve My Life?

Mind movies are just like any other videos you watch in your day to day life. But, unlike the normal videos, these movies have embedded positive messages in text and audio which are hidden in the visual. Why hide you might ask. The answer is to bypass the critical mind and access the subconscious mind.

Our critical or conscious mind is always critical. It always measures and compares and critically evaluates everything we hear, see and touch. This is one of the most important functions it performs which keeps us safe from harms.

Say for example, if you start telling yourself that you can fly and it’s ok to jump off from a building top your critical mind will quickly intervene and tell you that it is non-sense.

Now, when you feed your mind with thoughts of improved life in terms of money, health, happiness or improvement in any other field, guess what happens… Yes, you are right. Your critical mind intervenes and checks your imagined reality with your actual reality. When it finds that it is not true it quickly discards all the messages of positive changes you want to see in your life. As a result, you remain where you are now, where you were yesterday, where you were 5 years ago.

What Is A Way Around The Critical Mind?

There have been many experiments in the past which have proved that it is possible to bypass or fool the critical mind by diverting its attention to something else. So, when you keep the critical mind preoccupied with something of interest to it, the doors to your subconscious mind opens up. Now, unlike other videos which do not have any secret messages embedded, mind movies have positive and empowering messages which work directly on your subconscious mind.

Mind movies can be used in any specific area of your life or in general to have a better health, improved financial conditions and success in all your endeavors. No matter in which area you want improvements you can create a video yourself or get pre-made videos online.

How Do The Mind Movies Work?

Mind movies usually have a soothing sound track and a pleasant visuals (either a slideshow of images or a continuous movie) to calm your critical mind and make it feel relaxed. The idea is to relax your mind so that it is not highly alert and loosens its grips on the gates to your subconscious mind.

When the movie is half way through you will start experiencing a relaxed state of mind and less number of thoughts. This is when your mind is entrained into entering the theta state. Once your mind is into the theta state it becomes easier to access your subconscious mind and plant empowering thoughts and desires without getting rejected by the critical mind.

The mind movies will have hidden text messages flashing for a fraction of a second on your screen. You will not be able to read them but your subconscious mind is capable of accepting them fully and acting on it. So just be relaxed and don’t try to beat the system by pausing the video and rewinding to decipher what flashed just moment ago. I know, beating the system is fun but don’t do it here. It is counter-productive.

You will often feel dozy while watching these movies. But just keep yourself awake throughout the movie. It is important that you watch the movie like you do with the rest of the movies. Keep them full-screen to avoid any other distractions. Since there are embedded sound tracks and positive affirmations in them it is recommended to use headphones. When the movie ends you will feel relaxed and refreshed.

The mind movies will work when you include them in your daily routine. If you watch it one day and forget about them for an entire week your results will be extremely slow. Therefore, make it a habit to watch your mind movie on a daily basis. Once in a day is enough but more the better. When you make it a daily ritual it becomes easier to stick to it no matter what circumstances come.

When Can I Start Seeing Positive Changing In My Life?

The changes will be gradual and not over-night. Sometimes they can be over-night if it is not deeply rooted. Your subconscious mind might have been bombarded with negative or limiting thoughts and beliefs right from your childhood. Therefore, it might take some time to wipe them and substitute them with the positive ones. But, when you start applying the mind movie technique into any area of your life you will start seeing opportunities cropping up everywhere. You will start seeing changes in your perspective and a general optimism sets in your life.

Most of the people make the mistake of only watching mind movies and expecting great results. But this is just a part of achieving your imagined reality or your perfect life. To achieve anything in life you have to plan and put in massive action towards achieving that thing. If you do not put in the necessary efforts there is no way these mind movies will somehow magically help you in achieving your dreams.

Mind movies are an aid to you for achieving great things or what seems to be an ideal life to you. So, when you couple your hard work and dedication with mind movies nothing can stop you from achieving your heart-felt desires. But for the mind movies to work you have to start taking action towards your goals.

Can I Create My Own Customized Mind Movies?

Yes, you can create a highly customized mind movie. Many people are skeptical about the mind movie products online as they can never be customized to every individual. Each person is unique and therefore requires different ways and motivation to make the changes. Although the mind movie products on the market have given good results to their customers, it is more prudent to learn to create your own mind movie.


Image Credit: www.projectcentre.com.au

If you are not the techie kind of person then going with the pre-made movies will be easier. Now, since these mind movies are created based on the generally desired things by human race they work most of the time. Desires like making more money, losing weight, staying healthy, finding the right life partner, being in a good relationship and living a stress free life are generally desired by most of the people. Download these 6 free pre-made mind movies to get a feel of how professional mind movies work.

But, if you want to improve or eliminate a specific aspect of your life you may have to create your own mind movie by understanding the principles and technical aspects behind the working of mind movies. Moreover, when it comes to eliminating a bad habit you have to understand that there cannot be void. You cannot get rid of that bad habit if you don’t substitute it with a good and healthy one.

Keeping all these things in mind you can create mind movies by making use of generally available softwares like Audacity or Sound Forge and Windows Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker comes preloaded with Windows XP but with Windows 7 you may have to download it separately.

Although it is easy to create a simple movie it is quite difficult to program the text to flash only for a fraction of a second and at regular intervals. There are various programs which are specifically designed to help you create mind movies. But they are quite expensive and may be highly technical to be understood by the common people.

A workaround is to create a simple relaxing movie with an instrumental music in the background and slideshow of images. Instrumental music is important as an audio with lyrics can keep your critical mind alert.

subliminalNow, for the flashing text thing you can make use of a program called Subliminal Plus. It works as a standalone program and doesn’t require any special computer resources. It just keeps flashing affirmations on the screen at regular intervals and for the time set. You have complete control over each and every setting and can create unlimited number of categories and messages. Download your free trial here. When you combine all these things you have created for yourself a powerful way of changing your life.

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