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Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is a revolutionary technique through which we can get rid of all the held up emotional blocks which are responsible for keeping us entangled in our old self. Many people try to change but due to some blocked energies in some part of their body they are unable to do so.

EFT helps people to tap at certain points on their bodies and clearing the blocks so that they can finally achieve their heartfelt desires. There has been extensive research on this subject and the uses are not exhaustive.

EFT makes use of traditional acupuncture therapy combined with psychological triggers which help in releasing those emotions which no longer serve you and replace them with more useful and empowering emotions.

How Will EFT Benefit Me?

Many people, although desiring changes in their lives struggle with bringing those exact changes in their lives. Sometimes there are long prevailing illnesses or phobias which are not cured no matter what they do.

The concept of EFT teaches that there are psychological acupressure points throughout our body which are responsible for our emotional health. Therefore, if we are suffering from some emotional trauma, physical pain or other deceases this technique can help in releasing that block and create a healthy emotion in its place.

EFT helps in removing negative emotions no matter from where you have garnered them, makes you mentally stronger and helps you in creating a healthier lifestyle. Many people have been able to see drastic reduction in their food cravings and other substance abuse.

How Can I Perform EFT? Do I Need To Meet A Professional?

EFT can be performed by anyone. It is a simple technique of making use of your finger tips and tapping certain points throughout your body. But, unlike the traditional acupuncture therapy where needles are used and you are not actively participating, EFT requires you to tap with your finger tips along with making use of affirmation vocally.

An EFT practitioner will start by tapping with both his hands starting from the top of the head all the way down to the wrist and verbally repeating the affirmations which are positive and empowering.

Once you get a hang of this technique you can apply it to any area of your life and create amazing changes within a short period of time. But, yes, with a professional you can rest assured that you are not doing it wrong in the first place.

The Correct Procedure to Perform EFT on A Daily Basis

Before performing EFT you have to remove wrist watch, glasses and any other metallic piece like bracelet and chains as they might interfere with your working on energy body. Also, keep yourself adequately hydrated by drinking plenty of water before beginning.

To perform this, you will make use of your index and middle finger as tapping points and start from the top of your head to your wrist. You can either use both your hands and all your fingers or just stick with one hand and two fingers. It will usually not matter much as your body has many energy points throughout. But, it would be beneficial to cover larger area by making use of all your fingers and it will not put any stress only on two fingers.

These are the images of how EFT should be performed in the correct order.

eft1. Top of The Head

eft2. Eyebrows
eft3. Side of the Eye
 eft4. Under the Eye
 eft5. Under The Nose
 eft6. Chin
 eft7. Collar Bone
 eft8. Under The Arm
 eft9. Wrist

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Making Use of Affirmations

 As stated earlier, EFT makes use of a synergistic phenomenon of affirmations and acupuncture. Therefore, when you are beginning with EFT you should make use of a phrase which you have previously written down and memorized.

To begin with, you can focus on one issue and then branch out to others when you start seeing results.

EFT also requires you to acknowledge the persisting problem and accepting yourself completely and unconditionally.

You are free to use any variation of affirmations as long as they are positively worded and empowering but if you follow a standardized phrasing it will be easier for you to memorize and perform the technique whenever you want and on whatever aspect of your life you want.

Examples of Affirmation Phrasing for EFT

“Even though I have this fear of public speaking, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I have scary nightmares, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I have problems in concentrating on one task, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I have this craving for junk food, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I have this addiction of alcohol, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I have this fear of heights, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I have this bitter memory of (enter your memory), I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I have failed at (enter your project), I deeply and completely accept myself.”

You may also make variations and add powerful words which resonate with your mindset.

“I deeply and profoundly accept and love myself even though I have this (enter problem).”

To make EFT highly effective, the experts say that you have to tune in to the problem while performing this task. Tuning-in means to consciously think about that problem or discomfort. So, when that problem is consciously brought out from the depths of your mind EFT will help you release it through tapping and affirmations.

How Often Should I Perform EFT?

As with any new things you have to practice and make it a habit until it sticks. It is advisable to perform one round of EFT (from top of the head to the wrist with affirmations) 10 times a day. If that is not possible you can do it after you wake up, before you go to bed, before you have lunch, after you finish you work for the day etc.

The trick is to perform it consistently to see rapid results.

When Can I Start Seeing Measurable Results?

If you perform EFT correctly you may find great results and a considerable shift in your perspective within a few rounds. Some people have seen instant results. For some though, it took a few days as their issues were more ingrained, multi-faceted and complex.

Major Challenges Faced During EFT Sessions

Many people find that they are not actually seeing the results which have been achieved by other EFT practitioner. The main reason behind this is although they want to change or get rid of some habit or discomfort, the actual cause of that discomfort/fear/phobia is still deeper. Therefore, when you are performing EFT make sure that you pay attention to the problem totally and anything related to it.

Your subconscious mind will usually hoard many things which you are not even aware of. When you bring out the problem in the broad day light by consciously focusing on it during EFT, your mind will also bring out some of the other hidden emotions or memories. Your work is to acknowledge and do the task. If possible, do something to settle that issue which has come out during the session.

Many people suffer from guilt or shame for performing or not performing a particular act in the past. This guilt is the most energy sacking and lowest in the spectrum of energies. On the other hand love is at the highest. While you are performing EFT make sure that you address this issue and move on.

When Can I Start With EFT?

EFT does not require any special setup and can be started today. Just make yourself comfortable and take one issue which has been bothering you from quite some time. You can also check out Don Milton’s EFT Video Tutorials specifically designed to eliminate some of the most nagging problems which many people face.

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