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Affirmations have been around for a very long time whether we were consciously aware of it or not. The thoughts with which our mind is occupied most of times will serve as affirmations for us. These thoughts may be positive or negative. But affirmations enforce the reality that our mind has been imagining time and again.

Most of the individuals do not understand that the circumstances which are presently in is a direct result of the repeated thoughts which their mind garnered in the past. When we know this truth we have a choice to change our future by changing our thoughts.

Affirmations are just one way of substituting the bad and negative thoughts with the good and healthy thoughts. Once we do that for some time a healthy habit is created of keeping a watch on negative chatter in our mind and changing it instantly to something empowering and healthy.

Affirmations work no matter what your age, gender or ethnicity. If you follow the steps they will create rapid changes in your life.

How Can I Use Affirmations To Improve My Life?

In order to use affirmations we have to first understand and implement the exact way of creating our affirmations. Put simply, affirmations are written words which we repeat again and again throughout the day at regular intervals until they get imprinted on the subconscious mind.

When your subconscious mind starts believing in the reality you have imagined amazing things start to happen. It is of utmost importance that we write down the exact reality we want ourselves to live in. No matter what the present circumstances are, you can change that with affirmations.

When you write down something, your mind knows that you are serious and you mean business.

We can use affirmations in almost all the areas of our life and have a great satisfaction in whatever we do from this point on.

How To Create Effective Affirmations?

To begin with, we have to write down a clear, descriptive phrase in the present tense with first person perspective of our ideal life on a piece of paper or card sheet which we can carry everywhere.

In the beginning you can experiment with different variations of words and phrases and see which ones inspire you the most. You may also have to keep changing the phrases to avoid monotony.

The trick to impress upon the subconscious mind your ideal life is to make it believe that it is happening in the present. The subconscious mind cannot differentiate between the imagined world and reality. Whatever your critical mind gives as input the subconscious works on it and creates an output. So, when it recognizes a gap between your imagined reality and actual reality your subconscious mind starts working overtime to bridge the gap.

And surprisingly, when you subconscious mind is up to creating something then even your critical mind cannot stop it. In fact, nobody can stop it. It is that powerful. But the first step is to be taken by a conscious effort in making it believe that something which you want is actually happening.

What Are The Steps in Writing Affirmations?

Step1: Think about one aspect of your life which you want to change. Start with one small thing and later add others to the list when you see some success with the first one. Take anything for the time being. Say for example you might want to improve your health.


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Step 2: Write down on a piece of paper exactly what you want to improve in your health by making use of empowering words rather than boring and negative words.

Ex: Use ‘I weigh xx pounds’ instead of ‘I lose xx pounds’. (Here ‘lose’ is a negative word. Avoid it)

Step 3: Keep your words in the present tense and first person perspective. It means; your sentence should be in the ‘now’ than in the future. Instead of saying ‘I will’ say ‘I am’ or ‘I have’. It will sound more natural if your sentences are in present continuous tense than simple present tense.

Ex: Simple Present Tense – I enjoy my life to the fullest.

      Present Continuous Tense – I am enjoying my life to the fullest.

The choice is yours as long as it is in the present tense.

Now, our phrase will be transformed to ‘I am weighing xx pounds’.

Step 4: Make your affirmation phrase as descriptive, motivating and exact as possible. Whenever you read your affirmation phrase you should be inspired to take action towards achieving that reality.

Now, the phrase will be something similar to: ‘I am weighing xx pounds by eating healthy food and exercising regularly along with proper rest’. Many people use the words which they want to leave. That again enforces itself and keeps them prisoners of their habits.


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Many people would use ‘I want to lose xx pounds of weight by not eating junk food and not sleeping till late mornings.’ Observe the negative words like ‘lose’, ‘not’, ‘junk food’ and also the future tense or more aptly just a wish ‘I want to’.

You may also make use of variations such as: ‘I am extremely happy seeing myself weighing xx pounds after adopting healthier food, regular exercise and proper rest’.

You may also use an indirect approach to directly hit the most innate and secret desire which your subconscious mind hoards. Instead of saying ‘I am weighing’ you may make use of that desire which has driven you to lose weight.

It might be looking more beautiful and fitting into that gorgeous dress you bought or flaunting your six pack abs at the beaches like Hollywood stars or becoming a pro athlete or just looking healthier than your friends. This approach may create more meaning to you as to why you want to weigh xx pounds.

Step 5: Finalize on the words you want to use for your affirmation and write them or print them with a motivating image if possible. Scale down the image so that it will fit on the card you want to carry around all the time. You may also want to laminate it so that it doesn’t wear out after a few days.

Will Writing Down Affirmations And Reading Them Daily Create My Ideal Life?

We have to understand that we have to take action towards creating the lifestyle that we desire. There will be many changes which will have to be done in order to match this lifestyle. You may also have to create goals with deadlines so that your critical mind knows that it cannot be postponed forever.

When you combine goal setting and affirmations you create a synergy between your subconscious and the critical mind. When both work in tandem you will be astonished by what you can accomplish.

After achieving success in your first affirmation you can apply the same technique to other areas of your life and create an ideal and inspiring life for others to follow. You can automate the process by making use of so many softwares which do all the work for you. Mind Zoom is one such software which creates thousands of positive affirmations and helps you create the life that you desire. Check out their official site here.

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